Pharmaceutical faculty


Established: year 2000


Dean Office Address: 46025, Ukraine, Ternopil, 36 Ruska street


Tel .: (0352) 52-39-27


Dean of Pharmaceutical faculty:

Korobko Dmytro Borysovych

PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department

 Vice Dean of Pharmaceutical faculty:

Berdey Ihor Ivanovych

PhD, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Management, Economics and Technology Department

Dean Office Methodist:

Shynkelevych Tetiana Mykolaivna

Dean Office Inspector:

Beha Tetiana Volodymyrivna

Dean Office Inspector:

Kozitska Ruslana Petrivna

Forms term study: Full-time - budget, contract, 5 years, extramural - contract 5 years, 5.5 years.

Teaching staff of the Faculty of Pharmacy:

Pharmaceutical faculty brings together five departments, of which 4 are in the state exam:

• General Chemistry;

• Pharmaceutical Chemistry;

• Pharmacognosy with medical botany;

• Organization and economic of pharmacy with drug technology;

• Clinical Pharmacy.

Producing department pharmaceutical faculty currently have satisfactory human resources, among them 4 doctors of sciences and 28 PhD(pharmaceutical sciences).

226 Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy - educational level Master


Faculty graduates successfully work in pharmacies, as wholesalers, representative offices of pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical factories, public service with drugs and so on. Special pride of the faculty are graduates who have settled on a speciality abroad. Thus, our graduates successfully work in pharmacies in UK, USA, Ireland, Spain and Poland.

One objective assessments of educational work of the faculty is compiling the results of student test examination of exams Krok-1 and Krok-2. Over the years, students of pharmaceutical faculty occupy prizes. In 2015, after the state test examination Krok-2 students took 1stplace.

Licensing and accreditation

The training in specialty "Pharmacy" in Ternopil State Medical University started from 01 September 2000. In 2001 accepted the first students to study specialty "Clinical Pharmacy", and in 2003 - specialty "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics."

• 2000 - licensed specialty "Pharmacy" and made the first set - 70 students

• 2001 - licensed specialty "Clinical Pharmacy" and made the first set - 50 students

• 2003 - licensed specialty «Technology of perfumery and cosmetics", made the first set - 9 Students

• 2005 - accredited specialty "Pharmacy"

• 2006 - licensed internship in specialties "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy"

• 2006 - licensed master specialties "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy

• 2007 - accredited master's specialties "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy"

• open extra-mural studies and made the first set - 65 students

• 2008 - accredited specialty "Technology of perfumes and cosmetics"

• 2010 - re-accredited specialty "Pharmacy"

• 2011 - re-accredited specialty "Clinical Pharmacy"

• 2012 - re-accredited master's specialties "Pharmacy" and "Clinical Pharmacy"

• 2013 - re-accreditation of specialty "Technology of perfumery and cosmetics"

• 2015 - re-accredited specialty "Pharmacy"

 Scientific work

For publication of the results of research faculty members since 2007 issued scientific journal "Pharmaceutical Journal", which is defined by the Presidium of the SAC Ukraine included in the list of publications that can be published results of scientific research for the degree of doctor and candidate of pharmaceutical sciences.

Actively held inventive activity. The teachers of the faculty received 50 patents for invention and utility model, developed and published more than 20 newsletters, more than 350 articles and 450 abstracts. Force conducted nine teachers of the faculty scientific conferences, two of them with international participation.

 From February 2007 to optimize student’sscientific work at the university, began to operate the program: "Students science and career-oriented education"; "Student - the future high-level specialist skills." Representatives of the pharmaceutical faculty take an active part in them. Thus, all the departments created by student groups, which are more than 50 students IV of courses. Results of research have been presented to them nationwide student research, scientific forums, young scientists and students (including international) in the form of reports, abstracts and articles.Through the efforts of faculty at the Ternopil State Medical University, a series of conferences: "Scientific and technological progress and optimization of technological processes create drugs" (2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013) and "Chemistry of Natural Compounds" ( 2005, 2008, 2012 years), which took part representatives of leading pharmaceutical departments of higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad from pharmacy

A special pride of the faculty are the results of participation of students of international and Ukrainian competitions on pharmacy where students have repeatedly competed for prizes.

In 2007, 4 th year student Prydyba Inna won 3rd place in the standings and personal with Natalie Tsaplan3rdplace in the 2 round of Ukrainian Olympiad pharmacy. In addition, Prydyba Inna won the 2nd place of the pharmaceutical drug technology and organization and pharmacy economics, 3rd place of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Tsaplan Natalia won the 3rd place of pharmacognosy, pharmaceutical technology of drugs and organization and economics of pharmacy.

In 2008 KorinevskaAnna took thirdplace in thestandingspersonnelinthe National Olympiad inpharmacy andwithstudent Chekalyuk Liliya took second place in the team standings. Of the various disciplines our students won 1 place of pharmacy drug technology, 3rd place for the organization and economics of pharmacy and pharmacognosy and awarded by the diploma for excellent knowledge of pharmacology.

In 2009, the 4th year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy Hardamala Lyudmila and Nadezhda Gonchar took second and third place in the standings personal and II team place ahead of strong teams from Lviv, Kiev, Zaporozhye. Of the various disciplines our students won 1 and 2 of Pharmacology, 3rd place of the pharmaceutical drug technology, industrial technology of drugs, organization and economy and pharmacognosy

Given the results of the competitions, available personnel, methodical potential and powerful material base our school has been identified as the basic institutions for a nationwide student competition in the specialty "Pharmacy" by order of MES of Ukraine № 1052 of 20.11.2010.In the National Olympiad, which was held in May 2010 was attended by 22 fourth-year students from 11 higher educational medical institutions of Ukraine. Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Anastasia Sokolova, Hrohola Mariana team took 1st place and 1st and 2nd place respectively.


In XVJ ubileeNational Olympiadofinternational participationin the specialty"Pharmacy"National Olympiad, which was heldfrom 11 to13 April 2011on the basisof our universityattended39fourth year studentsfrom 12higher educational medical institutionsof Ukraine and thefirstwinners ofthe All-Russianstudent competitionon pharmacy-teamUralstate Medical Academy (Ekaterinburg).

 Organizers and sponsors ofthe Olympiadwere:SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University named  afterI. Ya. Horbachevsky"General Sponsor - holding  «STADA CIS», mediasponsor - magazine"Pharmacist". Students ofthe Faculty of Pharmacy OlgaLucas, Wolanska Natalia, OksanaKolesnik, Rastyahayeva Also, native Alma mater adequatelyrepresentedand wonthe firstplace teamand the first two won

Second place in theindividual competition.In addition, our students werewinnersfrom almost alldisciplines.

And not only achievements in Ukraine is proud of our faculty. In January 2011, the national team of Ukraine, which included the winner and prize-winners of Ukrainian student competition of the faculty student Anastasia Sokolova and Mariana Hrohola first time participated in the International Pharmaceutical Students' Olympiad. In the competition took part 153 participants from 33 teams around the world. National team acted with dignity and won 3rd place in the student competition on medicines direction of industrial technology and ranked 5th in the direction of the management and economics of pharmacy. Contest winners were awarded with medals, diplomas and valuable prizes, internships at foreign and domestic pharmaceutical industries.

 In March 2012 in Ternopil State Medical University according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine of 13.10.2011, № 1187 "On a nationwide student research in natural, technical and humanities Science in 2011/2012 academic year "was held Round II All-Ukrainian student research in the direction of" Pharmaceutical Sciences ". Fifteen young researchers presented their findings in the form of presentations and made evident. The reports concerned and the potential for the synthesis of biologically active substances and dosage forms create original and promising research samples pharmacognostic plant material, and for the organization of pharmacies at various levels, and results of pharmacological tests and more.

According to the order for MES Ukraine № 1052 of 20.11.2010 p. Ternopil State Medical University is defined as a basic university (for the next 3 years) for a nationwide student competition in the specialty "Pharmacy".

Students of taking part in nationwide student research. In March 2010, students of pharmaceutical faculty Ivanyna Shuklinova Julia and Olga took second and third place in the National competition of student scientific work on natural, technical and humanities in "Pharmacy" held at the Zaporozhye State Medical University.

In March 2012 in Ternopil State Medical University according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine of 13.10.2011, № 1187 "On a nationwide student research in natural, technical and humanities Science in 2011/2012 academic year "was held Round II All-Ukrainian student research in the direction of" Pharmaceutical Sciences ". 5th year students of pharmaceutical faculty SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine" Wolanska N., O. Kolesnyk received diplomas II degree.

In the 2012/2013 academic year, three representatives of the Faculty of Pharmacy of TSMU won prizes in the final scientific conference of Ukrainian student research in natural, technical and humanities in the direction of "Pharmaceutical Sciences".In SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine" 28 March 2014 according to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine of 09.09.2013, № 1281 "On the All-Ukrainian contest of student works natural, technical and humanitarian sciences in 2013/2014 academic year "was held Round II All-Ukrainian student research in the direction of" Pharmaceutical Sciences ". According to the rector of TSMU, member. NAMS of Ukraine, prof. Kovalchuk L.Y branch was established Competition Commission. The group includes doctors, professors, experienced university lecturers, leading specialists in different fields of pharmaceutical and medical science. In the final scientific conference were nine students from five higher education institutions (Odessa, Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil). Eight young researchers presented their findings in a presentation. The reports concerned and on the creation of original dosage forms and pharmacognostic research perspective plant material samples and pharmaco-economic studies, and results of pharmacological tests and more. Diploma II degree received IV year student SHEI "Ternopil State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine" Bogdan Bogdanivna Danyluk.

IV year student of the Faculty of Pharmacy Ternopil State Medical University Tatiana Atamanchuk won third place at the second stage of the Ukrainian student research in the field of "Pharmaceutical discipline" (supervisor - Professor Svetlana Marchyshyn). The competition was held March 25, 2015 at the National Medical University Bogomolets.

In October2013 and 2014students of groups inIV-Vcourses of specialty "Pharmacy"Ternopil State Medical Universitynamed afterI.Ya. Horbachevsky (Ukrainian and foreign students) have traditionally participated in VI nternational Exhibition of technologies and pharmaceutical industry PHARMPROM International Forum"Complex support of laboratories» which takes place annually.

In March 2014 and 2015a group of students IV-Vcourses of specialty "Pharmacy" Ternopil State Medical Universitynamed after I.Ya. Horbachevsky has also traditionally participated in «DUBAI INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS AND TECHNOLOGIES CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION - DUPHAT»,which is held annually in the city Dubai(UAE).

Teachers and students of the faculty actively cooperate with other institutions and pharmaceutical community. The traditional traineeship was our students in the eastern regions of Ukraine, including the quality control of medicines at the Zaporozhye State Medical University, the practice of cosmetic technology in the factory "Effect" and the National Pharmaceutical University (Kharkiv). In turn, students Zaporozhye State Medical University and National University of Pharmacy is the practice of Pharmacognosy at the "Chervona Kalyna". Students of specialty "Pharmacy" Grischuk Olena A. and Marian Hrohola participated in the student exchange program and held practice in pharmacies m. Wroclaw (Poland). Under the guidance of prof. Posokhova KA number of students held internships Faculty of Pharmacy (Kytsey A. Stakhiv L., V. Smith, Sasuke I. Krys'ko L.) Technology medicinal and cosmetic products at "DoktoraTaysa" (Germany), which later reflected in the thesis, identified by the above-mentioned successful graduates during their state certification.

 Teaching work

To support the learning process created a strong educational-methodological and scientific-technical base. All laboratories of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical correspond to the current level, they are equipped with devices, equipment, technical equipment, substances and reagents in volumes and quantities corresponding to the requirements of the educational process. Commissioned faculty lecture room and laboratory rooms of the department of pharmaceutical chemistry.

Employees of faculty actively involved in work with applicants. Yes, extremely efficient and effective form of professional selection of applicants and the operation is gifted youth groups, sections, creative laboratories MAN Ukraine. For the first time in Ukraine in Ternopil in 2007 opened a creative laboratory "Pharmacy" for students in grades 9-11, and the curriculum of the laboratory at the National competition for the best program for use in clubs, groups, MAN scientific sections according to the order of Ukraine from 18.09 .2008 g. number 866 won (by program Assoc. Prof. L.V Sokolova, prof. L. S Fira, Assoc. Prof. Korobko D.B).

Special attention is directed to vocational work among rural youth of different regions. Thus, from the Ternopil branch of MAN Ukraine in the area of ​​working Podgaetskiy branch creative laboratory "Pharmacy" for students in rural areas.

October 16, 2013 in the "Ternopil State Medical University Ministry of Health of Ukraine" took place in the lyceum pupils dedication to Ternopil educational complex "School I-III - medical lyceum №15». University reacted with great attention to the formation of medical lyceum in Ternopil and made significant efforts to form both its material and technical base and methodological and organizational support. Thus, on the basis of medical lyceum operates educational and practical center, which provided medical care to residents of nearby neighborhoods of the city. University also made three contemporary defining upgrading the medical high school classes - biology, chemistry and computer science. For biology and chemistry courses are relevant for admission to Medical University.Dean of the Faculty of PharmacyKorobko D. B. developed work program and all the necessary materials for lectures and practical classes for high school pupils in the discipline "Chemistry" and twice a week Korobko D. B. conducted practical exercises that enable students to Ternopil educational complex "School I-III - medical lyceum №15» more deeply explore the chemistry, and at the same time love pharmacy.

Great attention is given to faculty educational work. Repeatedly the participation of faculty teachers organized tours for students, in particular to Kyiv, Kameniets-Podolskyi, Uman, Dubai (UAE) and others. Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy repeatedly involved in the cultural and patriotic activities at the university and the city.